where you learn about the beautiful creatures 


i will be off for a month so if you have any questions ask my admins
mermaid dream room
i luv this because the mermaid can go in the water and see her bedroom
another mermaid dream room
same here and this one is prettier to swim in

some info about this site

if you want to be a mermaid or merman your in the right place


-you can curse but not against other people

-no bulling

-no non believers 

-no trolling

-encourage others

things you can do when your a mermaid and you wont lose your tail

-you can post your tail

-you can shave your legs

-you can clip you toenails


 on the forums ask any questions you like and i will answer them

just message me to teach any class


this site is for people (girls AND boys) who want to become a mermaid/mermen. Let me warn you: Choosing to become a mer is not for everyone, and i strongly suggest you really think about what you REALLY want.

This site does NOT welcome nonbelievers, nor spammers. PLEASE, save yourself some time and LEAVE THIS SITE if your just going to write terrible words in the forums and make people feel bad. NO NONBELIEVERS EITHER. If you dont believe in mermaid did you go to


-If you cyberbully, spam, or just be plain nasty, you will be banned from this site immediately.

-dont accuse people of lieing without proof

-encourage others


-no trolling

Making the right decision

When you become a mermaid, you have 2 choices:

-Live a regular (well almost ;)) life

-Escape to the sea for the rest of your life

This is a huge decision, for if you choose the first choice, you have the pressures of being a secret mermaid. However if you choose the second choice, you dont have to worry about keeping a secret from your friends, because you wont see them. Youll have to drop everything and leave you friends and family.

Whether staying on land, or escaping to the sea, you have to let go. This is the hardest part of being a mermaid, but if you truly belong to the sea, it will be worth it. If you choose to stay on land and live a "normal" life, then youll have to give up activities you love (examples: swimming in pools, fishing, swimming in the ocean, etc.) and thats extremely hard. But, if you choose to be in the ocean, you must leave the life you have on land, (you family, your friends, and activities you love) this is also extremely hard, unless you have nothing to lose, then, this would be the right decision for you.



also when you do a spell tell me the day and i will right in on the calendar and the day you become one

some other sites to try







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